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I was recently approached by good friends and clients suggesting the following idea.  They said, “Jen, why don’t you do a personal bio on who you are, where you come from, and where you are going for your One Bad Bitch supporters?  You know, give ’em the good stories.”  After all, that’s what One Bad Bitch was, and still is about, the stories that inspired me, the clients that continue to motivate me, and the female riders that I am truly passionate about. I live, breathe and love what I do. Now I sit reflecting on the past and what would I constitute as the good stories anyway. Before I begin, I would like to thank my fans for this brilliant idea.

I have flashes of the times when I learned to dirt bike ride when I was 8 and when my uncle took me out on his Harley Sportster at the age of 13 and falling in love with riding.  After graduating from High School I celebrated by taking a 4500 mile motorcycle trip from Denver to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with a boyfriend.  We shared the controls but I really fell in love with riding on the open road on two wheels.  A few years later, being left back at the campground by a boyfriend as he took off by himself in Sturgis on his motorcycle, I vowed I would get my own bike one day.  At the age of 23, two years before my self-proclaimed goal of 25, I bought my own custom Harley Davidson Softail on the spot.  From the first time I took my bike out it has felt like an extension of me and I am proud when people comment about how well the bike fits me.  One of the reasons I was drawn to my bike was because of the tall ape hanger handle bars and fat bob tanks.  It always gets people’s head turning, my first trip down Main Street in Sturgis on my very own bike was mind blowing. But, fast forward a little and I remember wandering around Sturgis in 2003, frustrated that I could not find any kind of biker apparel that could express what I feel when I ride: freedom, independence and empowerment.  I decided to leave an established career in 2004 to pursue a dream of providing a clothing line to fellow women riders and One Bad Bitch was born.

People always ask how I met my husband, Brian, we met at Red Rocks at a Godsmack concert.  I was wearing a shirt that said “Fuck You … You Fucking Fuck”!  I walked by and he said “Fuck You” to which I also replied “Fuck You … You Fucking Fuck”… Later I saw him again and had the same exchange.  The next time we saw each other we were exchanging phone numbers.  We’ve been together almost every day since then.  The irony of how we met is evident in our quest to bring attitude apparel to empowered women!  The following years are spent traveling the country with Brian, who is also OBB’s graphic designer, promoting our brand anywhere from Sturgis to Reno to Myrtle Beach.  We have some amazing memories from those wild rallies in the Midwest: Hog Rock; and in the South: Gulfport Blowout.

Then in 2007 I was so busy, running off of a few hours of sleep each day, allowing the drive of One Bad Bitch to keep me awake.  It took me taking a step back to realize, we had come so far, but it was not enough to work 24/7.  The support from friends and family was a huge push in my continued path to finally achieving my dreams. By 2008 one of my biggest turning points in my life was about to take place, with pregnancy test in one hand, and a jar of olives (in preparation for a wicked martini) in the other, Brian and I celebrated that we would be parents, while setting the olives and martinis aside for another day, well, 9 months later to be exact.

Right now I am excited to look back at the successes this last year has brought me, my family, my business, my friends and you, my customers.  One Bad Bitch has successfully restructured and launched our new website: and has seen unexpected success on multiple social networks.  We have been able to spend less time out on the road, and more time with our son, Blaze, at home.  But don’t think we’ve completely turned in our keys, Blaze made his debut in Sturgis last year, and again this year, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!

There are so many of these moments and memories that define me and One Bad Bitch.  I am very grateful for all of you who have supported me along my journey…and don’t think for one second that I am anywhere close to done. My passion is fully ignited and after all, I am the girl who came up with the saying, “Fuck off, I ride my own.” I encourage all of my fans to keep the same spirit and to keep female riding alive. We all have a story and we are all incredible. Cheers to a successful 2011!


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  1. Janine McClure

    I am so glad to see that you are doing well. I first met you in Sturgis. I can’t remember the year but i got a black sweatshirt with silver flames on the front and back and your logo on the back also. The next time we met it was in Daytona and your were pregnant!!! If you have flyers or cards, I would love to give them out at one of our ladies ride.
    Thanks Janine McClure Los Alamitos, CA

  2. Ricky Plunk

    Jen,I have been a fan for years I have seen you at the Republic of Texas rally and sturgis a couple of times and I love the attitude and I REALLY love the logo(my 2 favorite rides in one).Keep rocking and riding and I’ll see you down the road again somewhere.Ricky

  3. Susan McNelley

    Hey Jen,
    I think I have been wearing your stuff for about 6 years now. I always look for you at events and do my best to support. The bar parties we had were fun although as not as profitable for you as I would of liked. Anyways it’s riding season and I’m sure I will see you soon. Keep the rubber side down.
    Susan McNelley Colorado Springs

  4. Candace Carroll

    I love the shirt your son has on – great pictures of all of you and you and Brian deserve all the success. You have a great idea that will go far.
    Hope to meet you both one day


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