No Cages Campaign: Let Harley Davidson Liberate You

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During the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, on FX, Harley Davidson released their next segment of their No Cages campaign.  The brains and creativity behind the No Cages campaign belongs to the firm Victor & Spoils and originated from an idea generated by a customer after he put a call into Harley Davidson regarding his bike.  Harley is promoting their service of  the factory customization process; a buyer can design a custom bike online and Harley can complete the order in roughly a month.

Along with this service they have been relying on customer feedback and ideas when creating these ads.  Harley Davidson is taking the stance that a consumer knows what he or she wants to see, so ask them, then deliver to them.  The latest segment in the No Cages series is titled “Liberation” and will bring a tear to any dog lover’s eye.

Click on this link to view the ad:  Click Link to View


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