April Showers….

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Welcome To April Bitches!!!

We are one more month closer to rally season & non-stop riding!!! Who the hell else is excited about that little gem of good news?!?! Until that joyous of times rolls around we have a few more hurdles to get through. Grin and bear it bitches, here we go…. April showers, bring May flowers. This we know. So, what do those showers mean for us riders? For all riders, we don’t care if you’re beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert; the rain puts a twist on the roads that all of us need to be aware of & be RESPECTFUL to. For your reading pleasure we have acquired a great list of tips on what to do when you catch yourselves in a storm brought to you by “Motorcycle Blog from JAFRUM” written by Madmoto. Read on bitches, stay …… ( more )

Spring Riding

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Spring has sprung! The groundhog even confirmed it! Who wouldn’t be excited to hear that news!? Warmer weather means we are getting our thawed out asses back in our seats & revving up those engines of ours! Before you do, there’s somethings to be aware of! Wes Siler from rideapart.com, wrote a fantastic article about the conditions ahead for that long awaited ride! Enjoy the read & more importantly the ride!!!!!!

Ride on Bitches!!!


One Bad Bitch


As we hope to emerge soon from the Polar Vortex, it’s nearing the time to put your bike back on the road. But, when you do, that first ride of the year can be one of the most dangerous. This is what to watch out for on your first spring motorcycle ride.

Sand/Gravel/Salt Over the winter, the roads will have been …… ( more )

Riding Doubles

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February, the month of love! Surely, many of you will be going out on romantic rides along the highway hopefully more than once! If you are headed out for your first time as a passenger or driving someone, there are many things you need to know before putting on your helmets. Fellow rider Jamie Elvidge from motorcyclecruiser.com has written a fabulous letter targeting key points about this topic. Enjoy the read and more importantly enjoy the ride!

Ride on Bitches!


One Bad Bitch


Dear Rider,

If you’re lucky enough to have someone you care for on the back of your motorcycle, you should consider it a gift in trust. Even if you are an experienced rider, there is much to know about carrying a passenger. I’m not speaking solely of how riding double affects the behavior of your machine, …… ( more )

Mother’s Day is May 10th

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Your mom has done so much for you… given birth to you, and if it was anything like my 3… she’s a trooper! She gave you love, support, discipline, and has been there for you through thick and thin.  So why not show her that she is “ONE BAD BITCH”!  I mean that with the utmost respect of course! Past Blog  Your mom works hard and she deserves the best!  We have new Mother’s Day Gift Packages available in our online store!  If you don’t see the combo you like, email us!! We would be happy to put something together for you, complete with wrapping, bows, the whole nine yards! Shop Here

We are also doing a fun little contest!  We want to hear why your mom is “One Bad Bitch”.   Share your stories with us and if …… ( more )

Passing the Torch

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Welcome all to the new “One Bad Bitch” website!  We are so excited to share with you all of the wonderful new changes happening with OBB.  Most of you have been following “One Bad Bitch” for many years, and have come to love all of the amazing creations that Jen and Brian have brought to you.  For the past 10 almost 11 years, they have traveled across the country, to bike rallies, concerts, parties, etc. and have brought with them the most amazing apparel and accessories!  With the birth of their amazing son, Blaze, they kept going!  He traveled along and wore some of the OBB kids line to show off how adorable he is!  However, as much as we hate it, kids grow up.  Blaze started Kindergarten last year, and that made it very difficult to travel and attend …… ( more )

Motorcycles – Icons of Empowerment

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Beards and Beer Bellies

Ten years ago, if you asked someone to define a biker, an irrepressibly masculine description would have followed. Most people’s idea of a biker involved a grizzly beard, a beer belly, and a testosterone-fuelled attitude. An unfair impression, perhaps, but an enduring one. However, things are changing. Findings from the 2008 Motorcycle Industry Council survey revealed that 23% of American motorcyclists that year were female – a rise of almost 38% since 1998.  As One Bad Bitch customers are well aware, ladies are increasingly resisting the male stereotype to experience for themselves the freedom and thrills which motorcycles can offer. They’re saddling up, donning leathers, and hitting the road – with the help and encouragement of a growing number of women blazing a female trail in the motorcycle industry.

Vintage Biker Chicks

Initially, women had a very tough time …… ( more )


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Look for the One Bad Bitch banners!  We’ll have tons of new stuff with us this year including more sexy lingerie and corsets, leggings and pants, couture tops and dresses and lots and lots of pasties!  Can’t wait to see you there!!!!

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Shovelhead Redemption sparks Fueled By Passion

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Check out our latest Fueled By Passion feature Abby Clabough.  Abby’s story will inspire and empower you.

Read more….. “Fueled By Passion”


Shovelhead Redemption is a memoir from a woman who’s been described as “fiercely independent.”  But she wasn’t always that way.  Abby begins life in a typical alcoholic family and vows to become a biker chick as soon as she can get her hands on her own motorcycle.  The misguided journey she takes to find love, happiness and a Harley Davidson leads her into a world of drug dealers, strip clubs and outlaw bikers.  This revealing story is an inspirational tale that takes the reader on the trip of a life time.

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Colorado Motorcycle Show & Swap

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The Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap is celebrating its 34th Annual Event! Join 15,000 of your closest friends for this awesome 2-day event in Denver!

January 28 – 29th

OBB will be debuting it’s new booth location: Fueled by Passion in the main hall

Event Highlights: West T-Shirt Contest, Iron Man Bare Chest Contest, 125 Show Bikes, 100’s of your favorite vendors including ONE BAD BITCH, Pinstriping Demonstration and Exhibition.  Sponsored by Sun Harley Davidson.

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