Are you a Good Bitch or a Bad Bitch?

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We’ve all heard the word “Bitch” in some form or another.  Good, bad, or ugly, the word “Bitch” is so versatile these days.  I guess it is best summed up by the meme, “You call me a ‘Bitch’ like it’s a bad thing!”  Most women will admit that, YES, they are a bitch.  Some women find it vulgar and offensive, and if you are calling a man a “Bitch”, well… we know why!

Since becoming the owner of “One Bad Bitch”, I have run into many problems advertising our name due to the “profanity” of the word “Bitch”.  It can be said on network television (read this article), on the radio, and even printed!  However, it’s an absolute NO NO when it comes to the big guys… Google, Facebook, etc. I recently read an article in the Huffington Post by Zoe Triska, that argues this very same thing.  She put it best when she said, “If he thought I was such a ‘bitch’, then I was definitely going to play that part” in describing her interaction with a man driving a cab that almost hit her in the cross walk.  He yelled out his window, “Bitch, don’t get yourself killed!”  I do agree that being called a “bitch” by a man is a bit more disconcerting than if it were a woman yelling out the window.  I have friends that say, “Hey bitches, what’s up?”  My Facebook page is covered with meme’s that say, “I’m a crazy bitch” or “Watch out, here comes the bitch”.  Women own it, and they love it!    loudmouth bitch


There are so many definitions, and by definition I am not speaking of the dictionary, of the word “bitch” that it can be a bit overwhelming when you think about it.  I know a lot of women that own that title, and have no problem wearing our clothing.  “Bold and Sexy” is our vignette afterall.  We think of “One Bad Bitch” as a title that will empower women, make them feel spicy and confident, not belittle or degrade them.  When women wear our clothing, it gives them that sense of virtue that every woman should have.

We ARE sexy bitches and OBB is here to make sure we can let everyone know!