April Showers….

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Welcome To April Bitches!!!

We are one more month closer to rally season & non-stop riding!!! Who the hell else is excited about that little gem of good news?!?! Until that joyous of times rolls around we have a few more hurdles to get through. Grin and bear it bitches, here we go…. April showers, bring May flowers. This we know. So, what do those showers mean for us riders? For all riders, we don’t care if you’re beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert; the rain puts a twist on the roads that all of us need to be aware of & be RESPECTFUL to. For your reading pleasure we have acquired a great list of tips on what to do when you catch yourselves in a storm brought to you by “Motorcycle Blog from JAFRUM” written by Madmoto. Read on bitches, stay …… ( more )