Spring Riding

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Spring has sprung! The groundhog even confirmed it! Who wouldn’t be excited to hear that news!? Warmer weather means we are getting our thawed out asses back in our seats & revving up those engines of ours! Before you do, there’s somethings to be aware of! Wes Siler from rideapart.com, wrote a fantastic article about the conditions ahead for that long awaited ride! Enjoy the read & more importantly the ride!!!!!!

Ride on Bitches!!!


One Bad Bitch


As we hope to emerge soon from the Polar Vortex, it’s nearing the time to put your bike back on the road. But, when you do, that first ride of the year can be one of the most dangerous. This is what to watch out for on your first spring motorcycle ride.

Sand/Gravel/Salt Over the winter, the roads will have been …… ( more )