Are you a Good Bitch or a Bad Bitch?

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We’ve all heard the word “Bitch” in some form or another.  Good, bad, or ugly, the word “Bitch” is so versatile these days.  I guess it is best summed up by the meme, “You call me a ‘Bitch’ like it’s a bad thing!”  Most women will admit that, YES, they are a bitch.  Some women find it vulgar and offensive, and if you are calling a man a “Bitch”, well… we know why!

Since becoming the owner of “One Bad Bitch”, I have run into many problems advertising our name due to the “profanity” of the word “Bitch”.  It can be said on network television (read this article), on the radio, and even printed!  However, it’s an absolute NO NO when it comes to the big guys… Google, Facebook, etc. I recently read an article in …… ( more )

Passing the Torch

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Welcome all to the new “One Bad Bitch” website!  We are so excited to share with you all of the wonderful new changes happening with OBB.  Most of you have been following “One Bad Bitch” for many years, and have come to love all of the amazing creations that Jen and Brian have brought to you.  For the past 10 almost 11 years, they have traveled across the country, to bike rallies, concerts, parties, etc. and have brought with them the most amazing apparel and accessories!  With the birth of their amazing son, Blaze, they kept going!  He traveled along and wore some of the OBB kids line to show off how adorable he is!  However, as much as we hate it, kids grow up.  Blaze started Kindergarten last year, and that made it very difficult to travel and attend …… ( more )