Motorcycles – Icons of Empowerment

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Beards and Beer Bellies

Ten years ago, if you asked someone to define a biker, an irrepressibly masculine description would have followed. Most people’s idea of a biker involved a grizzly beard, a beer belly, and a testosterone-fuelled attitude. An unfair impression, perhaps, but an enduring one. However, things are changing. Findings from the 2008 Motorcycle Industry Council survey revealed that 23% of American motorcyclists that year were female – a rise of almost 38% since 1998.  As One Bad Bitch customers are well aware, ladies are increasingly resisting the male stereotype to experience for themselves the freedom and thrills which motorcycles can offer. They’re saddling up, donning leathers, and hitting the road – with the help and encouragement of a growing number of women blazing a female trail in the motorcycle industry.

Vintage Biker Chicks

Initially, women had a very tough time …… ( more )